This section of the site is concerned with Ubuntu Software — either software which comes bundled with the system, or other software that can be downloaded.

I only have a few sections in here, but more will come. Probably.

  • Pidgin — This an instant message client, that can work with various messaging protocols (MSN Messenger, ICQ, etc.)
  • aMSN — Another instant messaging client, but this one is specifically for the MSN Messenger service
  • Java — Instructions for installing a JRE, and browser plugins
  • — tips for using
  • Compiz — The Window Manager for Ubuntu
  • Totem — The default media player that comes with Ubuntu
  • VLC — Another media player, and, more importantly, one that can convert media from one format to another
  • gedit — The GNOME equivalent of Notepad
  • GIMP — The GNOME equivalent of Photoshop
  • vi — A text-based text editor (does it seem repetitive to call it a “text-based text editor?”)
  • man — the “manual,” where you can get information about many of the applications you have access to in Ubuntu
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