This section of the site deals with issues I've had with installing Ubuntu on my various computers. I had thought about putting this in the Software section, but then, on further consideration, decided that installation can be a big enough topic on its own.

This section includes the following topics:

  • How to Install Ubuntu — If you're just coming to this page, this is probably the most important article you're looking for. It's a step-by-step guide for installing the operating system on your computer.
  • Changing GRUB Settings — If you're dual-booting between Ubuntu and Windows, as I do, you might want to change the way that GRUB presents your boot-up options, when you turn on the computer.
  • Tweaks — this page mentions some things I've done to optimize Ubuntu.
  • Dell Laptop — this article covers issues I had installing Ubuntu on my work laptop
  • HP Laptop — this article covers issues I had installing Ubuntu on my home laptop
  • Setting up Audio / Video Codecs — This is something most Ubuntu users will have to do, at some point, if they want to listen to music or watch movies/DVDs on their computers.
  • Advanced Packaging Tool — This article discusses APT, and how it is used to install (or remove) software once Ubuntu is up and running.

Another tool I've included, mostly for my own benefit, is an installation checklist, which I go through any time I install Ubuntu. (I'm not an expert, so I've installed and re-installed numerous times.)

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