Hp 6910p

Yet again, another work laptop.


Here is what I've discovered so far, for this laptop:

  • The built-in wireless card worked out of the box, and so did the bluetooth hardware. (I didn't have to follow the instructions on the wifi page.)
  • When I installed from scratch — that is, when I didn't use the upgrade process — the widescreen LCD display almost worked out of the box too — I just needed to enable its “restricted driver.”

These issues were easily fixed; I followed the steps below.

This laptop also has a fingerprint reader, which I haven't yet got working.


There were a couple of extra steps I took to get this laptop up and running, in addition to the stuff on the Installation Checklist. Here's what I did:

  1. Of course, the first steps were to install the operating system, and then download the available updates. (The wireless card worked out of the box, so I didn't have to do anything special to accomplish these two steps.)
  2. I then went to System->Administration->Hardware Drivers, and enabled the driver.

I then had to go through one more step, to get Compiz working, which was to edit the Extensions section of xorg.conf, and set Composite to Enable, like this:

Section "Extensions"
    Option        "Composite"    "Enable"

A previous version of this page — written when I was running Gutsy Gibbon — had stated that I had to install the xserver-xgl package, too, but it turns out that's a bad idea. So I no longer have that installed.

Once I'd done this, I followed the rest of the steps on the Installation Checklist, including the installation of Compiz.

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